Best Practices for “Safe Blogging”

As security hacking methods become more sophisticated and creative, online publishers need to be especially on guard of their personal information. Another danger we encounter as we access information with expert SEO engineering attached to it is that not all information on the web is not true, accurate, or  correctly attributed. The following are common best practices to ensure safe blogging.

1. Don’t post personal information online.

A Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) site points out that this is “the easiest way to keep your information private.” More specifically, don’t ever post your full birth date (month, day, and year), your address, or your phone numbers. But, Kathryn, you say, you don’t have control over everyone who could potentially post that information. RIT answers that by saying, “Don’t hesitate to ask friends to remove embarrassing or sensitive information about you from their posts either.” It takes some mindfulness, but it’s worth it in the long run.


 2. Be wary of the people you communicate with.

The web as a whole does not go out of its way to make sure to verify the identity of its users. It is always best to be cautious of the people you interact with online. When chatting, exchanging contact information, or networking, be very careful. The RIT has posted several best practices along this vein.


3. Determine the purpose and intended audience of your blog, then strongly consider being private or public and allowing comments.

If your blog in a personal journal with a limited audience, it may be safe to make it private. However, if you intend to build a following for a business or to network with other people out there like you, public is probably the way to go. The Center for Digital Ethics and Policy has a full page dedicated to safe, ethical blogging practices. It also talks about transparency and attribution, among other important decisions bloggers need to consider as they create a style, voice, and brand for their blogs.


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